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The Blackhawks Are Reportedly Considering Cubs Assistant GM Jeff Greenberg For Their GM Job...Wait, WHAT?

If news breaks about the Blackhawks you can pretty much assume that it is going to be bad. Assaults, outbursts, and a GM search that has included two horrifying names. First it was Peter Chiarelli. Today it was Jeff Greenberg of the Cubs. 

Now, I don't know much about Jeff Greenberg. He might be the smartest guy in the world. Law degree from an Ivy League school. He has been with the Cubs for about a decade. A Theo guy. The Blackhawks said that they might go outside the box for a hire, but this one just doesn't make much sense to me. 

Greenberg is somewhere between 3 and 5 in the Cubs baseball operations department hierarchy. Hoyer sits at the top, then there's new GM Carter Hawkins, and then a team of three guys with an "assistant GM" title. 

I would be totally fine with bringing in a department head from another league. Even if he were the head of hockey ops without any hockey experience so long as that candidate had significant experience building and leading an operations department. I asked Carl about Greenberg and Carl said that "Greenberg rose through the ranks because with admin operations". So maybe that is the angle that interests Danny and Jaime (besides Jaime's husband having a relationship with Greenberg because he works for the Cubs). is not obvious to me that the Cubs Baseball Operations department is a well-oiled machine after watching the last 5 seasons. And Greenberg has never been fully in charge of running the department 

Marek and Friedman went on to talk about bringing Edzo into the fold in some capacity. Hiring a guy outside of hockey naturally leads to that sort of speculation, in my opinion, but bringing in Edzo would seemingly contradict what Danny Wirtz said about the structure of the Hockey Ops side

"Do you want to put in a president? Do you want to put in a GM? And when it came down to it, to me, it’s clearly about accountability and ensuring that’s it very clear as to where the accountability sits or the decision-making sits. I’ve seen in all organizations both in hockey and other businesses, when things are spread across a lot of people, it’s very hard to understand how to move forward. So we’re going to have clear accountability with our general manager"--Danny Wirtz

If Greenberg is deemed the guy to run hockey ops as the GM then based on this quote from Danny you're bringing in a guy with zero hockey background making him solely responsible for all hockey decisions. How does that makes sense? If you bring in Edzo or leave Davidson in charge of personnel decisions and they report Greenberg and shit hits the fan can't Greenberg say "well, those guys made that hockey call. That is not really my area of expertise" and would be justified in saying so. Isn't that a built in layer that flies in the face of Danny Wirtz's stated wishes for accountability and transparency? 

I find Danny Wirtz to be thoughtful and honest. This search is his first major decision as it relates to the on-ice product. I don't mind the no-stone-left-unturned approach, but I would be very cautious about creating landmines for yourself when trying to build back trust from the fans in Chicago and across the league. Right now, I am confused and a little scared. Maybe the Blackhawks have a triumverant of people in charge. Edzo named the GM, officially. Kyle Davidson remains on as the Assistant GM. Greenberg given some sort executive title underneath them with a pay bump from the Cubs and he helps build the org chart underneath Davidson and Edzo because neither of them have any experience in building a department. If that is the formula, then I am on board. If it is some other hierarchy then...woof.