NOBODY FREAK OUT: Julius Randle Apparently Unfollowed The Knicks And Is Now The Center Of All Trade Talks

I said nobody freak out! This isn't our first rodeo with a Knicks player getting all disgruntled. Obviously, there's only one person to blame here. James Dolan. This only happens because of James Dolan. Things were going to good for the Knicks so somehow, someway, I know Dolan messed it up. It's always Dolan's fault first. 

Now onto this. I have no idea where it all went wrong. Julius Randle was made for New York. Dude worked his ass off, became an All-Star and helped the Knicks be fun last year. Then he got a fair and correct contract and immediately fans turned on him and vice versa. It also hasn't helped the entire feud with the media. Randle stopped doing press conferences and big J's keep screaming about how it's unfair to them. Whatever. 

Obviously I love Randle. Kentucky guy who came to the Knicks, was viewed as a let down and helped turn them around a year ago. I want him to work out in New York. But now you're talking about flipping him for Fox. Fine, do it. I can live with that. The Knicks need a point guard - something that has been said since Chris Childs was running around out there. Maybe even like Greg Anthony. The fact is it seems like Randle wants to move on and the Knicks are trying to move on. They need to do something to mix it up - might help playing some of the young guys too, Thibs. 

We literally can't have two good years this century huh? Sure would be nice to have two years without this sort of shit.