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Highly Coveted NFL Head Coaching Target Ryan Day Confirms He Ain't Going Anywhere

What an incredible 24 hours it has been for The Ohio State University. The timing of this statement is just too good. Because while Ryan Day is saying that his boss (his wife) wouldn't let him leave the Buckeyes if he tried, Jim Harbaugh is on the other end of the spectrum trying to leave Michigan, but no one wants him!

And here's the thing....people in the NFL actually want Ryan Day. I'd venture to say that Ryan Day was two phone calls away from having any NFL head coaching opening that he wanted this offseason, but he feels, and I quote, "This (Ohio State) is the best place in the country to be the head football coach." Meanwhile, Harbaugh sat in Minnesota interviewing for 9 hours just hoping that the dopey Vikings extend him an offer, but they never did. I wonder why?

And now all is good in the world again. My two favorite coaches will be back in the rivalry game next season. Ryan Day will be pissed off looking for revenge, and Jim Harbaugh's players and coaches will be wondering in the back of their mind if he really wants to be there.

I don't get all of the excitement that Michigan's social media account is trying to portray today. Word is that Michigan was "elated" to hear he's coming back to them, but it appears real Michigan Men across the country are not happy that he's back. 

Well said, Dave.

"Who's got it better than us?" is a really funny thing to say when your coach who tried to leave comes limping back in the door because he couldn't get a job elsewhere. That'd be like a man leaving his wife for another woman who then says, eh never mind. Comes back home and says hey honey I changed my mind! She's supposed to be happy? Throw him a welcome back party? 

The guy interviews for a job all day, doesn't get an offer, and  then says he's a Michigan lifer?

Then why did you interview in Minnesota? 

Nah, what Jimmy meant to say was that this will not be an issue until he gets another crack at the NFL.