KFC Radio Episode 129: Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money!

Your boy Mo! Back in the building. Literally perfect timing for Mo to return. Rap battles, Dr. Dre’s album and a whole lot of Philly bashing in the news. All the things Mo would be covering if he was still with the Stool. Mo was kind enough to take time out of his day at Complex to catch up with me and the rest of Barstool. We talk about Drake vs. Meek Mill, KFC vs Tiko Texas, Complex vs. Barstool. We talk about going Costanza in the bedroom, and whats the worst job your girlfriend could possible have.

But the funniest moment of all had to be when we started discussing haircuts. There is NOTHING further apart than White People Haircuts vs Black People Haircuts. Feits and I were answering a question about what if a hot chick cuts your hair, but she gives you a bad haircut. And Mo was legit silent for like 10 straight minutes and said “Go ahead because this is a white question.” I honestly think out of all the differences between white and black folks, the barbershop situation is the biggest disparity between the two races. Black guys in the barbershop having a goddam party drinking cognac and buying bootleg CDs playing dominos and laughing it up. White guys at the salon with girls cutting their hair with scissors and blow dryers and shit. Switch Mo and I for our next haircuts and it would be the biggest culture shock imaginable for both of us.