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Louisville Basketball Hit With Secondary NCAA Violations For Paying $7 Admission Fee At Laser Tag...Players Forced To Give $7 Each To Charity

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TSNFake-zapping your friends under the black lights is a recruiting staple in Louisville, apparently, because it forced the men’s basketball program to self-report two separate Level III NCAA violations from a laser tag trip it took in April.

On April 19, six members of the men’s basketball team took a trip to a local laser tag facility where they were given admission money by the program, according to information obtained by Sporting News in an open records request. But because those players received money for admission outside of the playing season, Louisville’s compliance office had to self-report the news to the NCAA. All six players were then ordered to donate their $7 admission fee to charity.

The fun didn’t stop there.

On that same day, two recruits accompanied the team to laser tag. Louisville basketball was allowed to pay the cost of admission for the two prospective student-athletes, but their host students forgot — we’ve all done this, naturally — to take the cost of admission out of the money they’d been given to act as hosts.

Louisville’s compliance staff made the two host players pay up, and then reminded them it’s not cool to forget to deduct expenses from their host money budget.

I love it! The NCAA man. These motherfuckers. Has anybody ever embraced being the villain more than the NCAA? Anybody? It’s to the point where I can’t even get mad about it anymore, I don’t get fired up and start pounding my keyboard tossing out F bombs and calling for heads to roll – all I can do is laugh about it. We’ve got an association running a multi billion dollar industry that has mismanaged and mishandled basically EVERY issue of actual substance when it comes to investigations and the interests of student-athletes…but has an absolute lockdown on Laser Tag. Programs are so terrified of breaking the NCAA’s asinine rules that they immediately self-report a 7 DOLLAR admission fee to a kids shooting game, make the players dig through their pockets to find it, and force them to donate it to charity. Now that’s power. Can’t put cream cheese on your bagel, can’t get a second helping of pasta at the team banquet, can’t let literally homeless players sleep on your floor – all that shit, the NCAA has it well under control. Just don’t ask them to look into widespread, decades-long rule-breaking and corruption at a major program and we’re good.

PS – On a related note I would like to personally report Rick Pitino for a secondary violation of wearing socks with sandals the other day cc: Mark Emmert

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