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Woman Scratches The Fuck Out Of Her Boyfriend In a Fight Over a Blanket




Fox – DeLand police rushed to a home where neighbors reported a woman had been screaming outside for 15 minutes only to find out she was fighting over a blanket, according to an arrest report. A Florida woman is accused of attacking her boyfriend in a fight over a blanket. Deland Police were called to the couple’s Lindley Blvd. home at 4:14 a.m. on Oct. 13th. According to a police report filed by officer G. Faustich, neighbors had called after Emma Campbell was heard screaming in the front yard for about 15 minutes. Police police say the couple had been arguing over who could use a blanket and things escalated to a tug of war and then a fight in which Campbell allegedly attacked McCall with her fingernails. Campbell, 20, left several scratches on her boyfriend, Alexander McCall, according to police photos released to the media. They show injuries to his chest, back and thigh. Campbell was charged with battery and has been released from the Volusia County Jail.


I hate to victim blame here, but do not get between a bitch and her blanket. That’s pretty much rule 1A of dating. Bitches want to be under blankets at weird-ass times, and you just have to learn to get used to it. 20 degrees outside? No blanket needed. 100 degrees? Shivering under a blanket like she’s in a god damn igloo. If the guy for a second thought his back wasn’t going to end up looking link Kunta Kinte’s, he better get out of the dating world and quick. What I don’t know, however, is how he allowed it to escalate to the point his back appeared to be mauled by a saber-toothed tiger. Maybe after the 3rd or 4th scratch that resulted in bloodshed you call it a day. Maybe go home, grab your own blanket, and try again.