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The Whole World Is Rooting Against The Chiefs Because Of How Annoying His Brother And His Wife Are


Why do this chick and Jackson Mahomes have to fucking suck at every turn? Because Patrick Mahomes seems pretty chill. Really good at quarterback. And is probably fed up with their antics too. I mean he's simply the most annoying person in the world. 


Bars in Kansas City hate him



His brother is annoyed by him



And I'll personally never forgive him for doing a TikTok dance on Sean Taylor's number.



At least she was spraying champagne on Chiefs fans. If that was in Buffalo I think she'd be in jail right now. So I'm ok with the spraying of the champagne, I guess. But god damn these two assholes are single-handily making people hate the Chiefs. It's not the Chiefs fault, but that's just how it is. They are so unlikable the entire world will seemingly be rooting for Joe B and the Bengals next week. We just need to hope Patrick pulls an Aaron Rodgers and disavows his family, I see no other option.