Cade Cunningham Just Got Ejected For Pointing Towards His Own Bench

The Pistons drive me nuts. The team, the organization, and the owner drive me nuts, but I'm a huge Cade Cunningham fan. I'm rooting for him. I genuinely am. I've written several articles about this already, but I want them to be good. My biggest fear is that Cade Cunningham becomes the Mike Trout of the NBA, where he keeps putting up big numbers on a team that's complete dog shit every year. I don't think that'll happen because I have relative faith in Troy Weaver. 

A reverse dunk when your team is down by 22 points in the grand scheme of things is relatively meaningless, but what the fuck are we doing? I understand that taunting has become shunned in all sports leagues for some reason. You can't flip your bat. You can't celebrate a touchdown. You can't flex after a dunk, but this is nothing. I've watched this play like seven times. Cade Cunningham pointed to HIS OWN BENCH and ejected for it. I'm a believer in humility and character, but this is nothing. Society is rapidly becoming the Sarcastaball episode of "South Park." Pretty soon, if you don't hug your opponent after a dunk, you're going to get penalized for it. The number one rule that any ref or umpire needs to follow is that no fan in attendance came to the game to watch them make calls. Let's call it "Ted Valentine syndrome." People ask me all the time why I'm so cynical, and then I watch something like this, and I'm immediately reminded why I'm on the right side of history. Way to go, everybody! Good job taking the most exciting thing that's happened to an organization in 14 years out of the game because he pointed to his teammates. Being a Detroit sports fan sure is fun!