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CUTE: Kiko Alonso Has A Concussion While DeMarco Murray Is Sidelined With The Sniffles


Philly – The Eagles were without two of their most notable offseason additions for Thursday’s practice. Linebacker Kiko Alonso was sidelined with a concussion and running back DeMarco Murray sat out with an illness, the Eagles said. Alonso’s injury occurred during Tuesday’s open practice at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles were off on Wednesday. Alsonso will now go through concussion protocol and could be out for an extended period depending upon the severity of the injury. Murray’s illness wasn’t believed to be serious. He didn’t participate in team drills during the first day of training camp on Sunday because his hydration levels were off, Eagles coach Chip Kelly said.

Yo, Kiko, pump the brakes a little. We all know you’re a freaking madman who’s speed is always stuck at ludicrous, but come on. I like my athletes to have a little bit of batshit in them at all times but let’s be smart about this. We don’t need our star players getting a concussion during non-contact drills in the first week of camp. Be smarter than that, Kiko. If you can.

On the other hand, Murray, who was essentially benched last week because his piss was too golden, can sit out all he wants. After last year’s workload we need those Thoroughbred legs to be American Pharaoh worthy all the way through the playoffs. But both should get in that magic chamber of health till opening day. Let’s get everyone healthy by MNF, please.