Rivalry Move: Auburn Fans Flooded Alabama's Hoops Twitter Account With FIVE THOUSAND Troll Tweets After Winning Last Night

Let me give credit real quick to Alabama. Not for losing, but for leaving replies on. Bad night to be the social media director there and just getting flooded with all these tweets. But also allow me to introduce you to the SEC version of horns down. The mock crane kick that Alabama wide receivers made famous. 

You just have to expect this now if you're Alabama. Any time you lose, you're getting hit with the crane kick. I'm always for mocking your opponent. It's why I'll always enjoy a horns down. It's why I even smiled when I saw a FSU fan hit the U upside down last night during that game. Everyone has the right to talk shit and throw it back in your face. It's the beauty of shit talking in sports. 

Auburn hit them with some decent tweets too. 

Shitty photoshops always make me laugh. 

This is why I'll never get sick of college sports. You don't get this in pro sports. There's a certain type of rivalry that only exists in college sports and why it's beautiful. Also this is good Twitter. The site should be used to crack jokes all the time. Let's get back to that.