JD Davison Saw Walker Kessler At The Rim And Promptly Posterized Him With A Dunk Directly On His Head

Good God almighty. The ability to think, yeah I got this, and then achieve said idea is awesome. This is not something me or you reading this can do. JD Davison is a 6'3" freshman with amazing hair. Walker Kessler is 7'1" and a pretty good defender. He didn't care. JD Davison looked right at him like the kicker in Water Boy and promptly dunked directly on him. I know dunks can be overplayed a bit, but then something like this happens in an AWESOME game on an even better night of college basketball and I get reminded how ridiculous a dunk can be. This is the case here. Now as I blog this we're tied with 3 minutes to go. JD Davison and Alabama earned every right to pat their heads after this.