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Florida Fans Are Extremely MAD On Twitter That Hoops Player Phlandrous Fleming Was Celebrating Georgia Winning The National Title

Gotta hand it to Phlandrous Fleming here. The man is taking the heat off the rest of his teammates for losing to Auburn over the weekend and putting it all on himself. He committed the heinous crime of celebrating a Georgia national title while playing basketball for Florida. Disgusting. Who cares if it's his first and only year at Florida after transferring from Charleston Southern? Who cares if he's from Athens, Georgia and likely has been a Georgia fan his entire life? Florida fans care, that's who. They were reasonable about it all. 

Now, hey, I get it. Fans aren't rational. They want him to bleed Florida blue and orange, but facts are he's only playing there to try and better his chance for a pro career. Florida is better than Georgia at basketball, makes sense why he'd want to play there instead. But wanting him to transfer? Guys. You need the help. He's been pretty good for Florida too! Me personally? I don't give a shit who you cheer for in football, as long as you help win games in hoops. That's what matters. Now that said if we can get Fleming vs that girl's 78-year old father at Rough n Rowdy? I'm interested. 

Can't wait to see the reaction he gets tomorrow at home against LSU!