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We Should Have Always Expected A Miracle Team Making A Ridiculous Run In The Tournament To Underachieve This Season

Am I about to compare The Misfits to UCLA? You bet your ass I am. You see, I love The Dozen. I'm a sucker for trivia - always have been, always will be. I care about this show more than I care to admit as a man who is the captain of the Misfits. I don't have a crown. I don't have the NVP. I don't even currently have a top-12 team in the league. We're inside the bubble, but my God, we're embarrassing right now. 

I should have saw it coming. Everything I ranted about UCLA is true about us. UCLA got hot in March sneaking into the NCAA Tournament. It took a comeback against Michigan State in the play-in round just to get to the Round of 64. We drew Nightmare, which basically is a guaranteed win. Then we stole games against Minihane and Yak. Only to lose a heartbreaker to Honkers. Sound familiar? Yep. UCLA getting the right matchup against BYU before stealing games against Alabama and Michigan. Only difference is we made the title game. 

I don't know what's going wrong outside of consistently getting our niche question wrong and losing the bonus round. At some point we have to do that correctly. We have wins over Chicago, they are the champs if you haven't heard and the Fellas. I'm writing this as a wake up to Dante, Hank and myself. I'm writing this to remind everyone we can still be great. I'm writing this to remind Jeff D. Lowe we're just one phone call away. I'm writing this to express my disgust to the tens of Misfits fans and promising we'll be better. The second half of the season is coming up and we're going to be ready.