This Lady Is VERY Inspirational Going Into The Weekend

This was a HELL of a 16 ride provided to us by both TikTok and this wonderful lady who's name is absolutely not Lisa. As a guy who needs to get back on the grind of drinking strictly shots of vodka (for losing weight purposes, obviously) it was wonderful to see someone else enjoying the plight of STRICTLY vodka shots and a chaser. Now granted she may be rocking the pre-chaser and post-chaser here, but I just want people to respect the vodka shot/instant chaser combo more out there because as far as I'm concerned it is the superior drinking method.

Whip open that bottle (hopefully chilled), take out a shot glass or 2, find the chaser that floats your boat (Orange Vanilla Polar Seltzer or High Noons for yours truly), and then you're getting after it. Quick shot followed by your chaser of choice and you literally taste NOTHING. It was awesome. More people gotta try it out after seeing this amazing TikTok which is hilarious in its own right when the joke drops that that ladies happy her name ain't Lisa. In her honor when you're out & about this weekend maybe give that drinking method a try. You'll love it. Be safe out there, folks!!!