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Iowa City Kid Took A Snapchat Selfie With The Cop During His OWI Test

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Thumbs up dude!  I don’t know the details to this story at all.  It just popped up in my Twitter timeline but who do you think is gonna be in more trouble: the OWI kid or the cop who let him take a SnapChat selfie during the OWI test? I would guess that the cop is either fired or gonna be fired here pretty soon.  I don’t know much, or anything as a matter of fact, about being a police officer but I’ll go out on a limb and say you can’t let an OWI suspect snap selfies while in custody.  Probably frowned upon.  At least wait until the kid gets out the next morning or something but it’s a great story for the kid.  And like that dude said in the tweet: Never change, Iowa City. You’re the goddamn best (minus the drunk driving thing of course.  Think it through bud).