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Jared Sullinger Says Hi H8ers!



Back in May you may have seen this blog. I tend to agree that this shit has become more of a broken record than anything else. We heard the promise, and it’s no secret that this issue has not only frustrated us Celtics faithful, but also his boss. Trader Danny has made it clear that he was getting to the end of the line. In fact, pretty sure every summer Sully has been on this team we’ve heard about how much lighter he is, but then right when the season starts, he looks the same if not bigger. This comes as a double edged sword though, because it’s that gigantic ass that allows him to establish such great position. There is no debating he is our best rebounder, even at 6’9.

That brings us to this summer, where for the first time we have actual visual proof that he is not only making an effort, but we are starting to see results. First, we had this


Everyone knows running fucking sucks, but in today’s internet world, when I first saw this I was skeptical. That is just way too skinny looking. I get that trimming down will help him stay healthy, but losing too much actually hurts him in my opinion based on how he plays. But then today we saw this


Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.12.42 PM

Much better. Need Sully to keep some weight, just get in better shape. In fact, let me correct myself, just get in “game shape”. You know, where you come in last on every suicide in practice, but come game time you don’t get tired. I don’t know how to explain it, I just know it worked for me throughout my entire New England white small private school basketball career (shouts to coach Steiner you asshole).

Either way, it IS encouraging to see that there is actual effort being made, not only because we need him healthy and to play more than 27mpg, but the better he becomes the more attractive he is as a trade chip.

Let’s just cross our fingers that this is the year he finally puts it together. Keep in mind that he is also approaching the end of his deal in the next few years, so maybe that’s the motivation he finally needed.

October cannot come soon enough.

Go Celtics.