Thank You Stoolies For Making 2021 The Best Year Of My Life

2021 was a crazy year for cumrags and it's tough to really put into words what it's like to live out your dream job every single day. It's not all smooth sailing, but I wouldn't change a single thing about this past year. Prior to joining Barstool, I was just a kid with a dream. To be able to say I work as a gaming creator/blogger for the greatest company in the world is everything I've ever dreamt of. I never take a single day for granted and want to deliver the best possible coverage + content for the Stoolie gamers.

To everyone that's clicked on a blog, stopped into a stream, watched a YouTube video or any type of support - thank you sincerely. I won't get into the numbers, but this past year has been a complete grind and it ain't stopping anytime soon. Gaming at Barstool made a lot of progress this past year but we're still so far from where we want to be. To be leading the gaming charge at the forefront is exciting, intimidating and a shitload of fun.

The whole Gametime team has some huge things in store for 2022 and I can't wait to watch the ideas come to life.

Mood for 2022: VIVA

Highlights of 2021: