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Bill Belichick Was Shockingly NOT In The Mood To Share His New Year’s Resolution

“Maybe next week” is code for, “Hey why don’t you go fuck yourself?” Which is a shame. Because I would love to know what’s on tap for Billy B in 2022. Sure there is a time and place for certain questions, and I don’t know if that time is mere moments after losing the division lead by getting your teeth kicked in at home. But to side with this reporter for a moment, I know I certainly don’t want to talk about that game right now. So why not focus on 2022 for a minute? Maybe Belichick wants to learn a new language, get another boat, start a sweatshirt company, you never know what’s on someone’s mind unless you ask. I hope other so-called “journalists” are out there taking notes. It’s easy to ask the layup questions. It takes iron-clad testicles to ask the hard hitters at an inopportune moment.

UPDATE - No days off. She will not rest until she learns these resolutions. Like a shark in the water on the hunt. Pray for her prey.