Aaron Rodgers Just Passed Brett Favre For Most Touchdown Passes In Packers History

On December 30, 2007 Brett Favre threw his final touchdown pass as a Packer to Bubba Franks, one of the best football names to ever grace the the NFL. Never did I think we would be lucky enough as Packers fans to have that legend followed by another legend that would surpass his touchdown record almost 14 years to the date. Yet here we are, fortunate as fuck to be witnessing Aaron Rodgers throw touchdown number 443. 

A few plays before this, he had a flow with Davante Adams going and you could tell 17 wanted that. 

Back to back plays to Adams made me think 443 was definitely going to him. Which would make perfect sense considering he's been his #1 for a while and, if that was me, I would want my number one guy on the receiving end of that feat. Was there an agreement as to who would catch the pass? Did Rodgers want someone specifically, or was it just going to happen the way it was going to happen? If it wasn't for the fact that Randall Cobb was on the IR, my money would have been on ol' faithful for sure, but alas, congratulations to Allen Lazard  (who, btw, I think is going to be our post-season X-factor) on being a part of history. 

And to Aaron Rodgers, thank you for 14 years of absolute greatness - it has truly been our pleasure. But because it's important to respect those that came before us, Brett Favre has one request… 

You heard the man: go get us another Championship, 12.