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The Next Miltons Pimp My Wedding Contest Starts Now For All You Fall Weddings

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Miltons is going to hook up entire weddings, up to 8 groomsmen, with all the gear they need. Send in your email to and we’ll have stoolies vote for the winners. The next winner will be selected in the middle of September.


Reader Email

I’m getting married the day after Thanksgiving down in beautiful Florida…I work in the concert industry so it’s a lot of hours but I do my best to use the perks of the job on my boys any chance I get…My main goal for everyone is to have the the time of their lives between my bachelor party and wedding day. I’ve always been a little challenged finding the “up to date” styles because I’m a pretty casual guy so I could use any help I could get.

Attached are some pics of me and my boys…just showing the good times!


Today’s Contestant

The Groom

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The Groomsmen


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