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Hannibal Burress Went To South Central LA And Asked People About Tiger Woods




Good stuff there which is kind of a relief.  All of the other Hannibal Burress bits I’ve seen around the internet from his new show have been pretty meh if we’re being honest.  Hannibal is obviously a super funny dude (go back and watch his performance at the Bieber roast if you haven’t seen it before. Pure gold) but there’s a difference between doing stand up and running your own show.  Comedy Central has a history of giving shows to stand up comedians and it not going so well.  Every once in awhile you’ll come across a Chapelle or a Schumer or a Key and Peele but you’ll also have your Nick Swardson’s thrown in there where it just doesn’t work.  It’s still too early to tell on Hannibal’s new show but I really liked this Tiger Woods bit.



This lady clearly stole the show

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.46.21 AM


She was funny but she also had one of the most level-headed opinions about Tiger Woods.  Not just of the people in the video but of everybody in the whole world.  He’s old and that’s why he sucks.  He also sucks because his prime has passed and there’s the younger generation.  It’s their time now.  That doesn’t mean he can’t still win.  Just that it’ll happen a lot less frequently.  Taking comfort in a south central LA lady’s opinion on Tiger Woods might be where I officially went off the reservation but I still think she’s right.


PS- She would totally fuck Tiger Woods.  That was a bold-faced lie from our girl.  Everything else she said was spot on and honest.