RG3 Is Releasing A Tell-All Book About His Time In Washington, Says He Will Expose EVERYTHING


Alrighttttt, here we go! This should be just a doozy and a half. I've long said that I've written more words on the internet about the RG3 saga in Washington than probably any other topic, not including Alexis Ren. And now RG3 is writing his side of the story, which is a long time coming. We've heard Shanahan's side, we've seen the front office malfunctions with our very own eyes, but for the most part we never have heard Robert's side of the saga, probably because he still wanted to play in the NFL and not burn the bridges. But it appears that he is ready to spill the beans, which obviously as an RG3 fan/WFT fan/Dan Snyder hater makes me giddy as a gizzard. Sure, it'll be very one-sided. It doesn't seem like he'll be like, doing interviews with the Shanahans or Dan Snyder for their counterpoints. I'm sure there will be parts of the book that us who followed the absolutely toxic career he had in Washington closely will roll our eyes at. But between all of it, I am positive we will get a fascinating angle about how a promising career was wiped out in a matter of just a season due to a horrific injury, a horrific football organization, a terrible marketing ploy (All in For Week 1), and apparently some medical malpractice. Again, a doozy and a half it will be.

As for the sexual assault allegations that he says he will discuss- seems a bit disingenuous to say he's going to expose it or whatever in the book. Like, if you have information that could help people now, or better yet, 10 years ago, I think it's sort of strange to use that in a promo for a book. 

All in all, what do I expect? Some stories that make Snyder look bad, that make Shanahan look bad, and hopefully some thoughtful self-reflection about what *he* could have done differently back in the day. I think that would end up being the most interesting parts of all- if you recall 2012-2015, RG3 made every mistake possible. He was getting in fights in internet comment sections, he had those weird practices where he was throwing the ball to himself, that strange sock bit he used to do, and so much more. 

I love Robert but boy did he self-sabotage a tonnnnn back in the day. I think he was given terrible advice (or ignored good advice), had his dad micro-managing his life/career poorly, and of course Lil Dan Dan was desperate to be hip/cool and made him his best friend, which was also very odd. 

So needless to say, I look forward to this book, and the subsequent fall out from it. Best news is it lines up right at the start of next football season, keeping the yearly tradition of the WFT having unnecessary off-field drama alive.



PS: I don't know if people follow him on Twitter now, but he's way, wayyyyyyyyyy different than back in the day. Pretty solid follow, plays into the jokes, doesn't take himself too seriously. Also he's quite good, very good, on ESPN at the college football analysis. Maturity and growth, baby.