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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Launched a Program To Teach Women About Football And You Guessed It, People Are Mad

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Bucs – A bold, new movement aimed at changing the way female fans connect with their home team and own their individual football experience is sweeping across the Bay Area and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are leading the charge. RED is a movement that will be led by the women of Tampa Bay, alongside the Buccaneers, to become innovators and leaders in changing the way football is enjoyed by women. All women of the Tampa Bay Area are invited to join the movement and help usher in an exciting, new era for female fans across the region. RED will provide female Buccaneers fans with year-round educational experiences focused on providing a better understanding of the game, along with unprecedented access to their favorite team.

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I was in such confusion this morning when I saw people on Twitter calling this sexist and shit like that. Saying the Bucs should be embarrassed by this. An argument I saw a lot was they should offer a program for everyoneeeee, not just women. Fuck you guys. Are you serious? In what world is this sexist? Chicks love doing things together. They go to the bathroom together, they call each other up and go shopping together, and guess what, now they can learn about football together. It makes so much sense, and it’s not like they are the first team to implement something like this. Shit, the Caps have the same thing called “Scarlett Caps” and it’s a big success. It allows a very low pressure situation to learn about the game. I don’t understand why people are so scared to say that perhaps, just perhaps, learning about a male-dominated game like football might be a bit easier for women if all the men were taken out of the room. Less pressure, they can be more relaxed, and not be scared to ask questions that otherwise they wouldn’t want to ask because men are around. I mean think about it- it’s Thanksgiving and you’re with your family watching the noon game and your mom or aunt asks “can they see the yellow line?” and you want to walk over to her and slap her straight across the face.

Nobody is forcing women to enroll in this, it’s just another option. Let them make the decision if they want to join RED. I’m sure a lot see this as a great opportunity and idea, just as others want to stamp their feet and yell sexism about a program designed to help grow the female interest in the game. I hope this is a big success and the people who want to make everything a “thing” calm the fuck down.