OpTic Halo Wins Back-To-Back HCS Opens To Solidify Their Position As Top Dogs Going Into The Competitive Halo Infinite Season

Yesterday, OpTic Gaming beat Cloud 9 in the HCS (Halo Championship Series) Open 2 to win back-to-back HCS Opens. The tournament consisted of 512 total teams, making it the largest tournament in competitive Halo history.

To put it simply, OpTic Halo dominated this ENTIRE tournament. They've proven yet again that they're the top dog in competitive Halo Infinite. Going one step further, OpTic and Cloud 9 are in a league of their own. That's back-to-back tournaments that we've seen Cloud 9 and OpTic Gaming match up in the Grand Finals.

The only difference this time around was that OpTic Gaming came out of the Winner's bracket and Cloud 9 (C9) came out of the loser's bracket. In this style of tournament, the team that came out of the winner's bracket only has to win (1) best of 5 series in the Grand Finals. The team coming out of the loser's bracket has to win (2) best of 5 series to win the Grand Finals.

Last week, it was OpTic Gaming that beat Cloud 9 in (2) best of 5 series to secure the title. This week, Cloud 9 was unable to pull off the comeback.

I can't wait to see this matchup on LAN (LAN is when tournaments are played in-person instead of online. The latency is better and makes for a more "truthful" competitive environment.)