I Am Very Happy Max Scherzer Is Getting Paid HUGE While I Simultaneously Hope Everything Else With The Mets Goes Catastrophically Terrible


This is 100% the correct take when it comes to Nationals legend Max Scherzer signing a huge deal with the Mets. Look- Max gave everything and more for 7 years in DC and then was TRADED. Let's keep that in mind- the Nats were not going to keep him and shipped him to LA. Today he was just given 40 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR to throw a baseball- how can you not be happy for the guy? That's what you work your whole life for- to get paid huge money when you're at the top of your field. He did 7/$210 million and now will gallup into the sunset with 3/$120 million. Pretty sick.

What sucks, obviously, is that it's with the METS. The god damn Steve Cohen METS. Any other team, man. Any other team. But this is where our dumb sports brains need to pump the brakes- what are we gonna do, be mad at a 37 year old pitcher who won us a World Series for taking $40 god damn million dollars a year? I can't. It's not like he's Bryce, for example. A guy who never embraced Washington DC as his home and who clearly wanted to get out of town ASAP. Max definitely loved DC, and I would assume wanted to stay here. So I see no fault of his in my eyes. Traded, and then took the highest offer to play baseball. 

And absolutely miss me with these Hall of Fame worthy bad takes:



YIKES. Message for all the kids at home- your company doesn't care about you- whether you're in the cubes or on the mound, they'll get rid of you without blinking an eye. Make your money while you can.

I like when genuinely good, hard working people make a ton of money that they deserve. Max fits that description. I also simultaneously hope the Mets catastrophically fail. I guess the good news too is the Nats will be rebuilding the next few years, so it might not even make a difference if he dominates us, which is a solid spin zone for later use.

And I swear to Jesus if Frank says one bad word about Max I will be so god damn snide I might snide him right off this planet.