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Lane Kiffin, Correctly, Is Terrified Of Walking On The Second Floor Of Malls Out Of Fear Of Plummeting To His Untimely Demise

People are going to rag on Kiffin for this move because most people are sheep and don't think past their next breath. I suppose it's goldfish that are more of the second-to-second thinkers but sheep is a better insult so it stays. Regardless I'm glad this video is out because it's high time we spoke about how absurd it is that most modern American malls are open air death traps like this. It's borderline amazing we don't see people falling onto those fake chain kiosks every week. Not only are those weakass railings not the best deterrent but you know which group frequents malls more than any other? Teens. Roving gangs of teens are constantly causing a ruckus in malls from coast to coast. You come across a particularly giddy group and the next thing you know you're tumbling face first at terminal velocity into a Wetzel's Pretzels drowning in a boiling pot of fluorescent yellow cheese. I'm proud to stand with Lane on this issue. Walking on the second floor of a mall is akin to tightrope walking at the circus and he is taking the proper amount of caution out there.