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This Skip Bayless Video Will Ruin Your Thanksgiving And Likely Your Christmas And Possibly Your Entire 2022

Horrifying. Like if you had to explain to the turkey why you were about to snap its neck and stuff its holes with onions and bay leaves and shit. Just total and utter disbelief from Skip. Which brings me to a point we don't discuss enough in society: how old is too old to be named "Skip"? Feels like it's been time for Skip to transition back to John Bayless. He might even have to drop the Bayless after this video. He's John Edward now. A regular old guy shaking violently, unable to speak, gone off his annual Diet Coke. That was simply too much eye contact with a man sweating and breathing like he just won a Chili eating contest and is paying for it ten fold. This was like explaining to a junkie at Revere Beach that you don't have any change on you. Those steel blue eyes have bad intentions behind them and they'll haunt my dreams for several months at the minimum and that's if I'm lucky.