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It Feels Almost Illegal To Watch This Video Of Joe Rogan's First Time Reporting For The UFC On Fox Sports

Now I don't agree with the text on the video at all, Joe didn't botch his first time reporting for the UFC on Fox Sports. However, you can clearly tell that he wasn't nearly as comfortable in this role as he currently is. Yeah, he slipped up on a few words, but this entire broadcast felt static and stale. It didn't have that extra touch ups to make it smooth.

We can even go one step further here - Joe probably knew how big of an opportunity this was since mixed martial arts was his passion from a young age - so, even though he had a ton of experience hosting from Fear Factor, he was nervous in this new UFC role. Especially getting the show elevated to Fox Sports, this opportunity was massive for Joe, the UFC, Dana White and mixed martial arts in general.

Also, any time I see Joe Rogan with hair, it feels illegal.


Aside from Joe Rogan's hair, it's incredibly funny to see a young Dana White in action.

Joe Rogan, Dana White and the UFC have come a long way from their first Fox Sports production to the juggernaut of mixed martial arts.