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LeBron Snitched On Two Heckling Pacers Fans And Had Them Ejected For “Obscene Gestures And Words”

I wanted to wait to write on this until after he spoke on what was said because, well. Anywho, LeBron didn’t seem too rattled about the ordeal so let’s break down how absurd it was to watch him escort the ref over to these fans and point directly in their faces. Instantly an all time moment.

“Right fucking here! This guy and his lady friend.” This is the same guy who played the “father of three” card after Draymond Green called him a bitch, so there’s precedent for LeBron really not liking cuss words. There’s no coincidence his run of dominance coincided with Kevin Garnett’s waning out of the League, you know?

But dragging the ref over was some playground, “Mom the mean boy pushed me off the slide,” shit. That’s schoolyard, Randall from ‘Recess’ type snitching that’s so over-the-top I’m forced to respect it. This was LeBron’s first game back since hammer punching Isaiah Stewart in the face. I wouldn’t rule out this being a powerplay just to re-assert his position as that guy at the top of the mountain. One woman called him a bitch and he saw his opportunity to remind everyone who ran this show. On the road, in a building he’s terrorized for two decades, and those Pacers security guards got those two the fuck up out of there. That’s power, exerted in the most preposterous way I’ve ever seen. I hope he starts carrying fans out one by one in headlocks for sneezing a little too loudly. No more pulling the ref by his arm and singling them out, I want SWAT dropping in from the rafters and putting these hecklers in Guantanamo.

PS - No one in sports is having a better month than Skip Bayless. His wildest dreams couldn’t have conjured everything that has happened the last few weeks.