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A FaceTime from Ole Miss legend QB Chad Kelly Got My Swag Back

From mid-October to mid-November, I lived it up!

I took two trips to Las Vegas for WSOP, two Oxford trips for LSU and Texas A&M games and Halloween in New Orleans all in a row.

I cashed 2 WSOP events, played in my 6th Main Event, saw Eli Manning’s number get retired, Ole Miss 1st win over LSU in 6 years and the Tom Brady Pick 6 that rocked the SuperDome.

I went to all 3 nights of Widespread Panic Halloween run, was in the front row for Rolling Stones in Vegas and saw my closest Ole Miss friend get engaged.

What an insane life run it was and I am very grateful. I am one of the luckiest people in the world. 

But there was some payback. My friends call it re-entry when you come home off huge trips going to sporting events or concerts with people you love and re-enter the world. It is not always easy.

We definitely have crazy lives working for Barstool Sports but we are regular people who deal with ups and downs too. I was in a funk for 7 days after I flew back from Memphis last Monday. I had low energy . Everything was fine at Barstool but I was still not myself. Sometimes I feel like a stranger in a strange land living up here. Maybe it is the cold weather or the fact that all my friends and family are in the South?

I also hurt my back lifting weights on Saturday and was down about that. Five days later I feel a lot better and should be fine. (I am going to walk and stretch instead of running and lifting the next two weeks. I also saw my guy Tom Kearn whose a great chiropractor and works me out weekly).

Something was not right until I got a FaceTime call from a random number late Monday night. I randomly picked it up and I was looking at Ole Miss legend Chad Kelly getting fired up about the Egg Bowl!

I am sure it is more than apparent how much of an Ole Miss fan boy and homer I can be. This was one of those surreal Barstool moments, Swag Kelly FaceTiming me? What the hell is going on here?

One of my favorite memories I have written about was being in Bryant Denny in 2015 the night he led Ole Miss to their first victory at Alabama in 27 years when this miracle play went down.

Chad was one of the toughest SOBs I have ever seen play QB and Rebel fans still adore him. His brother Casey starts at Tight End.

The Picks Central crew was laughing at how excited I was about this on Tuesday.

Since that FaceTime I am back to bouncing off walls with positive energy like I usually am.

Thank You Chad Kelly for getting my Swag back!

Brandon Walker, Kayce Smith and me will have a Barstool Sportsbook live stream for the Egg Bowl Thanksgiving night at 7:30 Eastern. Mississippi State is currently a 1.5 point favorite and it should be a heckuva rivalry game with a lot at stake. I want to throw more eggs at Brandon and we have same bet as last year.

Happy Thanksgiving and see you fellas tomorrow night.

Hell Yeah! Damn Right!

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