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A Ridiculous Ending To Give Arkansas A Miracle Cover Is What Feast Week Is All About

What a ridiculous game and ending in Arkansas/Cincinnati. The game was awesome, back and forth the whole way. I'll say this, Arkansas pushed the lead to 6 in the second half, looked like they were about to blow it open. UC responded right away and took the lead back. That doesn't happen a year ago. That's all Wes Miller. But then we had mayhem down the stretch. The line was Arkansas -5/5.5 depending when you took it on the Barstool Sportsbook. 

It all started with this charge call. 

I'm pretty sure Jaylin Williams took 12 charges today. You know how much I hate the charge too, but he was all over the place with them. Tough break. That gets called all the time in college hoops. I don't even necessarily like the call, just called that way all the time because college refs love the charge. 

Two free throws and UC down 5, they push tempo and miss a little runner in the lane. Can't believe it didn't fall. That's where we get this ref holding the foul call for a good 10 seconds. He was letting everyone know free throws were coming. 

Our guy Jaylin Williams goes to the free throw line. Bricks the first one and then this. 

I still can't believe that thing fell. That hit the front of the rim, bounced around, looked like it was going to fall out. Cash it. Brutal beat if you're on UC, but if you read Sharp Cheese today, we'll take the win. We deserved one of those. 

This is peak college basketball gambling. There are swings in this sport more than anything else. Arkansas just rebounded their ass off. That's what won them the game.