It's Actually Amazing That Mitch Trubisky Will Outlast Matt Nagy In The NFL

The Bills got absolutely fucking destroyed yesterday by the Colts and fall to 6-4. Some people are saying Jonathan Taylor gets consideration for MVP. Others are saying the Bills have officially slowed down to their hot start. More experts are pointing fingers are other things that I don't really care about. There's lots of season left but for now I want to give some love to the fact that Mitch Trubisky got into the game yesterday. That's outstanding news. Meaningful football is not off the table for Mitch's career. Reading between the lines and beneath the numbers, just take the positives for what they are. Mitch will outlast Matt Nagy.

I also know that if I don't show the pick you guys will kill me. Whatever. Here it is. 

Hard to have success when you play from that far behind and you have to make so many moves late in the game. Point is Mitch got some playing time and reps under his belt late in the season. That's a good thing for anyone who has followed Mitch the last couple seasons. Truly amazing that anyone could play under Matt Nagy and not immediately leave the NFL at the first available opportunity. Credit to Mitch for being out here and still competing. I don't know when the day comes but I'm sincerely excited to see him actually get an opportunity to prepare a gameplan and execute it. Sue me for being a loyalist. 

We're probably not going to talk about it this week on Red Line Radio. It's not the most relevant topic when you're 3-7 and you need to fire everyone who gets a paycheck at Halas Hall. But it's also kinda relevant because Matt Nagy will be collecting unemployment while Mitch Trubisky continues the grind. That's the poetic justice I need to make it through the season. 

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