Georgia State Coach Shawn Elliott Getting Choked Up About Missing His Daughter's State Championship Will Be the Best Thing You Watch Today

Georgia State beat Arkansas State 28-20 on Saturday for its fifth win in its last six games. The win gave the Panthers their sixth win for the season and made them bowl eligible for the third consecutive year, but after the game, GSU coach Shawn Elliott was more concerned with missing his daughter's cheerleading state championship.

"I'd like to say one other thing. Congratulations to my daughter," Elliott said. "She ... excuse me. I couldn't be at her ... it's hard. I couldn't be at her state championship today. But her A.C. Flora cheer squad won the state championship today. I'm so proud."

Am I crying in the club?

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Wow, I absolutely love this guy — even after being the architect of one of the darkest days in Tennessee football history. You can tell how much he genuinely cares. That's probably a good part of the reason he's led to Georgia State to its soon-to-be fourth of five bowl games in program history.

I am as guilty as anyone — probably much more so, honestly — of disregarding the fact coaches are people with families and lives outside of football much of the time. It's good to see things like this every once in a while and be reminded of the fact these guys have real shit to deal with other than their jobs, too.

Congrats to Elliott's daughter on the state title and the Panthers for reaching their third consecutive bowl game.