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Olivia Rodrigo Blew The Roof Off Of The American Music Awards With Her Live Performance Of "Traitor" While Also Looking Incredibly Hot

You all know Olivia by now, right? She's the one who got her drivers license, the one who said "good for you," and now she's performing another song from her (A+) album Sour, a little diddy called "Traitor." 

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First thing's first - Olivia Rodrigo is DUMB HOT. Stunningly gorgeous and talented. She was nominated for 7 AMAs last night, winning one for New Artist Of The Year. I feel stupid for not knowing she could play the guitar live like she did. Those of us who are fans know that she has the official Taylor Swift Stamp Of Approval, so most Swifties are big fans of Olivia, too. Why wouldn't we be? She sings about intense feelings, relationships and love. We are but simple women who love to lament over our past heartbreaks! 

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Coincidentally, "Traitor" is my favorite song on SOUR. Of course Drivers License and Good For You get the people going, but Traitor is one of those songs where the idea of it is slightly different than another "breakup" song. It talks about a situation where this girl is no longer in a relationship, and the person she was dating started dating someone new immediately. For those who this has happened to, it's hard to describe the feeling - no, you can't technically get "mad." You're broken up! But you can still feel betrayed and hurt, totally disregarded and emotional about it:

You betrayed me
And I know that you'll never feel sorry
For the way I hurt, yeah
You'd talk to her
When we were together
Loved you at your worst
But that didn't matter

It took you two weeks
To go off and date her
Guess you didn't cheat
But you're still a traitor

SHOT TO THE HEART! Ugh. I greatly admire those who can put into words what I cannot, and Olivia is no exception. She wrote the song along with her producer Dan Nigro, who used to be the lead singer/guitarist of the indie band "As Tall As Lions." I had never heard of them before but, we know, all the best sad girls have a sad boy sidekick (looking at you, Jack Antonoff.)

Anyway, the live performance crushed. It's crazy to think about Olivia's timeline - Drivers License only came out in January 2021. Before that, she had NEVER performed live. Her first live performance was at the iHeart Radio Festival (!) and her first Live TV performance was at the BRIT AWARDS. Imagine being an actress/aspiring singer on a Disney TV show, and the next day you're live alone onstage at the Brit Awards?? The pressure! The excitement! The NERVES!!

Hats off to Olivia. She's only 18, and I can't wait to see how huge she becomes over time.