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LeBron James Intentionally Elbowed Isaiah Stewart In The Eye and Nearly Ignited The Malice At The Palace 2.0

This was no regular "hold me back" NBA shoving match. Isaiah Stewart was out for blood. This was about to be eye for an eye in the most literal sense of the saying. 

Big time coward move from LeBron. The Lakers are awful, they're healthy, they still can't beat the goddamn Pistons and he decided to take his frustrations out on a second year player. Sad to see how far he's fallen that he's now picking on young kids just because he's not getting his way. It's not Isaiah Stewart's fault that the Lakers are horrible and can't beat anyone. And while it took a literal army to hold back a single Isaiah Stewart it took exactly one (1) referee to "hold back" Bron Bron. 

LeBron was shockingly ejected. I didn't know the NBA had that in 'em even for the most blatantly obvious elbow/backwards hammer punch to the temple of all time. I doubt he'll get suspended, mostly because it doesn't really matter whether he plays or not. The Lakers are cheeks regardless of who suits up for them right now. But league wide I think every single player, coach, GM, and fan just took notice of one of the baddest mammajammas in the entire NBA: Isaiah Stewart. Buddy looked like he just got caught eating period pussy with all that blood dripping down his chin and he couldn't care in the slightest. If the Lions signed him tomorrow they'd win out the rest of the season. 

PS - shoutout Russell Westbrook. He ran directly towards Stewart as LeBron scurried outta there. I don't care if he shoots 9% from the floor, he's a good teammate and I'll gladly die on that hill. He was squaring up like the Notre Dame mascot ready for whatever.