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Cam Newton Is The Most Confident Man Alive

People can say what the want about Cam, Lord knows they have and will, but it's truly remarkable how throughout everything the last couple of years he's seemingly as confident as ever. The injuries, the release from the team that he built, the Patriots experiment, losing his job to a rookie, being a free agent for a half season, and then going back home to Carolina to step back into the starting role and make everyone forget he was ever gone in the first place. The injuries alone would've brought enough doubt into plenty of people's minds, we've seen it time and time again, and Cam just keeps coming back asking for more. I'm not as confident in myself standing up outta bed in the morning as he is in his ability on the field. He's made enough money, he won his MVP, I don't know that he really has anything left to prove, and yet he stayed ready, waiting for that call. Now he's doing the Terrell Owens, spiking the ball at the 50 and celebrating for the world to see. If you hate this you fucking stink out loud. I don't know what it means for the Carolina Panthers in 2021 or beyond, that feels irrelevant. Right here and right now Cam Newton is back as the talk of the town and it rules. I hope his next touchdown results in a choreographed musical number akin to the Family Guy opening credits. No more handing souvenirs to small children, I want Super Bowl halftime show level budgets poured into these celebrations.