Halo Infinite Has Been Out For Less Than A Week And Someone Already Hit The Craziest Trick Shot You'll Ever See

This clip is insane. I don't know how else to say it.

Halo Infinite has been out for less than a week and people are already hitting monstrous trick shots. The video above is also slowed down to hit a current tiktok trend (which I love) where you slow down an insane moment or clip to add some spice and drama.

I don't even know how people come up with these ideas for trick shots. Using a grenade to boost your Warthog into the sky is OG Halo 101, but adding the elements of the grapple + gravity hammer was a nice touch. So after flipping out of control in the Warthog, we grapple the air, swing the gravity hammer for a little extra lift and then do a 360 - find where the enemy spawned and complete it with a headshot.

Absolute masterpiece.

Bonus: Bobbie Snipes

Let's also talk about the caption a little bit here because it's a hot take, BUT more importantly, it's a good take.

Comparing the big 3 games that just launched - Halo, Battlefield and Vanguard - without a doubt, Halo has had the most successful launch. 

Call of Duty: Vanguard was better than expected, but showed some flaws in the Zombies mode and the campaign mode.

Battlefield 2042 couldn't have been a bigger L. I truly haven't heard one single good thing about this game so far.

Halo Infinite is universally loved and Captain Falcon sums it up beautifully here.

Halo Infinite FEELS like Halo again. It takes you right back to the Halo 2 / Halo 3 days while also feeling extremely new with certain mechanics, maps and the game's engine. Also and its biggest advantage: IT'S FREE!!! In a world where we have to pay $60 for Vanguard, $60 for Barf-field, Halo Infinite Multiplayer is free to play. Aka the barrier for playing this game is to either have an Xbox or a PC (sorry PS users, at least you still have Splitgate).

I'm fully addicted to Halo especially because the Ranked playlist gives you something to grind for, instead of just mindlessly playing. After my 10 placement games, I ranked Diamond 1 which is the highest possible rank you can begin with.

Grind to Onyx (the highest possible rank) is well underway.

If you see anymore insane trick shots or crazy Halo clips, please send them my way. Thanks in advance.