Michigan Has Signed Juwan Howard To A Contract Extension Through The 2025-2026 Season

It had to happen.

Juwan Howard, as of right now, feels like a 1 in a million hire. I was completely indifferent about it when it happened. I saw the potential ceiling, but I also saw a shallow floor. We're talking about a guy who hadn't coached a single game in college basketball before. But at every turn, he's exceeded expectations. He's carried himself well, recruited well, and won a ton of basketball games, including a Big Ten title last season. Michigan is showing full faith in Juwan Howard with this extension, as they should. Michigan is a program that many people believed would have a tough time finding its footing following John Beilein's jump to the NBA. But they found their guy, and Juwan has worked out remarkably well. 

The biggest reason they handed out this extension is that headaches are now less likely to be avoided regarding other potential job opportunities. Either Michigan signed Juwan Howard to an extension, or Michigan fans would've had to wait on pins and needles for the next five years as every single potential job opportunity in the NBA opened up, and Juwan's name ended up dropped as a potential hire. With that said, it wouldn't shock me if Juwan ends up going to the NBA at some point soon. He's a scorching commodity. He played in the league forever, and he has an extremely high approval rating. I think the handing out of this extension is symbolic that they have complete faith in what he's done so far but even more so in the direction that the program is currently going in. It's the right move. Now beat Seton Hall.