Notre Dame Path To The College Football Playoff Is Starting To Take Shape And I Can't Wait For The Meltdown On The Internet

The haters keep trying to poke holes in the Irish. They keep doubting them. They keep closing their eyes and picturing that team they saw scrape by a bad FSU team, struggle against a bad Wisconsin offense, and piss away a game against undefeated Cincinnati. That thinking leads them to say things like this

When in reality the situation looks like this

Notre Dame just keeps chugging along. Keeps getting better. Keeps overcoming adversity. Kyle Hamilton has missed time. Michael Mayer has missed time. Chris Tyree has missed time. All of those injuries along the way have just allowed ND to grow, develop, and showcase their depth and all of a sudden, after being written off completely, the Irish are creeping back into the College Football Playoff discussion. The Irish have won 5 in a row since losing to undefeated Cincinnati and four of those games have been by double digits. With only Georgia Tech and Stanford remaining on the schedule, the current 9-1 ND will likely finish with an 11-1 record giving them 5 straight seasons with 10+ wins. When you win that many games consistently you'll be in the playoff discussion. That's a fact. 

People are going to be furious and say ND doesn't play anyone, but Alabama just played New Mexico State in week 11 of the season and nobody is crying about that. There is a path for ND to make the playoff. Do I think this ND team is one of their best of the last 5 years based on an eye test? Nope. They're not. Will they have a deserving resume? They absolutely could. Here is that path. 

1) Georgia has to win out which would include a win over Alabama in the SEC Championship. If Bama wins that game you can pretty much cancel Notre Dame because the SEC will put both 1-loss SEC teams in the playoff before the Irish. I don't think there's any chance a 2-loss Bama team gets in though. 

2) Oregon is going to need to beat Utah twice inside of three weeks in order to stay in the playoff picture. That first game will be in Salt Lake. Not an easy place to play. The Pac-12 Championship would be a rematch at a neutral site. They drop one of those and they Ducks are cooked. 

3) Ohio State winning out would mean that they'd beat MSU and Michigan and therefore would eliminate both of them allowing ND to leapfrog both Michigan schools. 

4) Cincinnati wins out likely makes them the first Group of 5 team ever to make the playoff. They have one tough test left against Houston. 

5) Oklahoma has probably already been eliminated and they have a game against OKST coming as well as a theoretical Big12 championship. Something tells me that they won't escape November and December with just the one loss to Baylor and ND will likely already be ahead of them when the rankings are released this week. 

That only leaves ND to fill that fourth slot. I know. You're angry just reading that sentence. The ESPN computers predictors or whatever they're called are already giving the Irish a 46% chance getting in. The computers aren't biased. They just look at the formula and the odds for chaos the way I just broke them down above. 

We are looking at a playoff that will shape up as follows

1) Georgia vs 4) Notre Dame

2) Ohio State vs 3) Cincinnati 

Ya love to see it. National Championship is in Lucas Oil right down the road from South Bend.