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The Astros Players Revolted When They Heard That Justin Verlander Was Scheduled To Throw Out A First Pitch During Their Playoff Run

Well I think it's safe to say Justin Verlander won't be back in an Astros uniform next season. It was a long shot after his workout this week but this story from Bob Nightengale's piece seems like it cements Verlander's time in Houston could be done. Nightengale wrote in USA Today that Astros players revolted when they found out that Verlander was going to throw out the first pitch during their playoff run. He hadn't been around the team at all this season due to Tommy John last season and that didn't seem to sit well with the Astros, and rumor has it a certain free agent shortstop led that charge. Verlander only tossed 6 innings in 2020 too so it's been quite a while since he was around the team and it sounds like they didn't want him to take part in any pregame festivities. Very weird because you've heard nothing but good things about Verlander being a good teammate and a guy that you want around. Rehabbing from Tommy John is a pretty good reason to not be around the club if you ask me, apparently some people didn't agree. The Astros GM stood up for Verlander saying he hadn't been around the team all season because of Covid protocol, another decent reason.

Kind of crazy the Astros players were THAT against the move, it's just a first pitch. Doesn't seem like that big of a deal, you'd think the crowd would have EXPLODED when they saw Verlander come out of the dugout to throw that pitch. Gets the crowd more into it, that gets the players more jacked up, seems like it would help the team but they decided against it. It's not like there is a Trevor Bauer situation going on, the guy was hurt and away from the team. Just a weird story that makes it seem like there is some sort of beef between Verlander and some guys on the club, cue the revenge game factor when Verlander signs with a new team and they make their way to Houston for the first time. 

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