Hey Steelers, Please PLEASE Let TNF Be A Cautionary Tale For The Lions

I totally agree. The Steelers should be 6-3 by 5pm on Sunday. The Steelers should somehow be tied for 1st place by that same time. But the Bills should have blown out the Jags last weekend. The Ravens should have blown out the Dolphins last night. 

And they didn't. 

Beyond the fact that I was thrilled with Thursday night's outcome because it got the Steelers within reach of first place in the division more than halfway through the season, I think I was even more excited that hopefully Coach T and co. can drill that into the fellas today and Saturday about how there are no "gimmes" in the NFL. Coach T said it in his press conference this week about Detroit. This isn't college. There are no "FCS" opponents like Najee or Muth would be used to playing in Week 2 of the year for a tuneup. Detroit has nearly knocked off Baltimore and a few others. They've been close to that first win. You'd hate to see you come out sleepy, play down, and lose a prime opportunity to be in first place by Sunday evening because you thought that Dan Campbell's crazy ass was going to come in and lay down for you because you're the Steelers.

Now, Miami's roster is a whole lot better than Detroit's. They have a better coach. They were at home. All things that the Lions have going against them this weekend and the Steelers have going for them. But still, the cliche is the cliche just as much as the standard is the standard - Any Given Sunday in the NFL. Don't let it be you this Sunday against the lowly Lions, fellas.