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Jon Stewart Reacts To The Mets Being In First Place The Day Before His Final Episode

So last night was Jon Stewart’s second to last show. And the whole opening montage was pretty funny if you got time to kill. Basically acknowledging how every time he took on a topic the world reacted by saying “Jon Stewart Destroyed…” “Jon Stewart Eviscerated…” etc etc and he named himself the Destroyer of Worlds. Yet, as he leaves this show, he said the world is a considerably worse place than when he started it. And he ran through a montage of just how miserable things have been for his Mets during the tenure of his show:

And yet, on the eve of his final show, J Stew goes out on top. First place on August 4th.

I’ll take it! I’ll fucking take it! This team is capable of legitimate greatness if everything clicks, but for right now, on this date, at this time, to have a 2 game lead over the Nationals, I’ll take it. Better than I could have ever imagined. Its a goddam roller coaster ride where one minute I’m convinced if we made the playoffs nobody could stop that pitching, the next minute we’re on the verge of blowing an 8 run lead after giving up 6 in the 9th inning. Losing that game last night would have killed me. I think it would have killed Terry Collins too, because using O’Flaherty against righties was as stupid as stupid gets and I think Matt Harvey would have murdered him post game. Seriously it woulda be Murder/Suicide for Matt Harvey last night if they blew that start and I dont think anyone would blame him.

I have no idea where this seasons up (Yes I do, its in a ditch on fire in heartbreaking fashion) but we do know that, guaranteed, for sure, tonight, Jon Stewart goes out with his team on top. And thats a beautiful thing.