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Kentucky Fans: Come Read This Blog And Let Me Explain To You Why It's Dumb To Be Freaking Out Right Now

Come on, did we really think they'd let Coach K get out of here without a win? Listen, I'm man enough to admit that Trevor Keels and Paolo Banchero are awesome. No doubt about that. Can't even spin zone that. But how many times will Kentucky shoot 37% from the field, miss multiple dunks, 3 open layups AND have a team shoot 16 more free throws than them? The answer is not again. 

This is the classic first game of the year. Duke had two better top-end talents right now in Banchero and Keels. That showed. TyTy Washington was AWFUL. That's not who he is, anyone who has watched him play before knows that. Even Cal at halftime said he was telling him to keep playing through it, ultimately killed Kentucky. Getting the hot start in the second half and then two bad shots led to the 18-4 run by Duke. You HAVE to play through Grady there. You have to keep running that flat/angled screen at the top of the key with Wheeler and Oscar. That's where Kentucky was taking advantage of Duke. This was basically how Washington played tonight. 

This basically reminds me of 2018. The year when Duke punked Kentucky in the Champions Classic on the first night of the season. Everyone started crowning Duke, worried about Kentucky. What happened? They both lost in the Elite 8 in heartbreaking fashion. Almost like it's the first night of the season. The fact is Kentucky has a true dominant big man in Oscar. They have a lead guard in Wheeler that can get others set up. It's all about Grady/Mintz/Fredrick (didn't play tonight to injury) hitting shots. Even more it's about Keion Brooks not settling for soft mid-range jumpers and showing up. It's about TyTy Washington turning into THE guy for the team. It happens every year, except last year. You can already tell this Kentucky team isn't last year's team. 

This team is fine. I'm not worried.