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This Jaden Ivey Dunk Is Awesome But Let's Be Honest, The Announcer Steals The Show Here

Nothing worse than a voice crack. Every guy in the history of the world knows this feeling. One of the two biggest fears when you were growing up. The voice crack while talking in school. The other fear, you can probably guess. The worst part with a voice crack is you know it's coming and you can't avoid it. You'd be forced to read a couple sentences to the class and would do anything to try and cover it up. A cough. A little clearing of the throat after. Maybe you played it cool and hoped no one noticed. 

 But back to this. Whenever I hear the excitement voice crack, all I think about is this scene. 

Now, sure, people may clown on this announcer. But not so fast. I love the enthusiasm. Falling out of his chair. Need him to actually do it. Prove it that you were that excited. I would be too, because Jaden Ivey is awesome. He's the main reason I gave out Purdue to cover and as a future. The dude is going to take a major leap this year.