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These High School Football Announcers Gave Us the Most Jacked Up Call You Will Ever Hear in Your Life

***This is your warning to turn down your headphones***

Holy cow, those guys love Christian Brothers High School football. We should all be so lucky to care about anything in life as much as these guys care about this playoff game.

Up 22-16 late in the game, Christian Brothers (CA) uncorked a 92-yard touchdown pass to build a two-possession lead which would put the game out of reach. The announcers went absolutely batshit crazy.

The play-by-play guy would have brought enough energy on his own, but the color guy was ready to absolutely explode. That, "LET'S GOOOOO!" at the 0:12 mark can only be described as primal. I thought my AirPods were going to explode in my ears. He was as excited for that touchdown in a high school football game as I was for a go-ahead home run in the World Series.

Also, the announcers are obviously awesome, but I don't want to just breeze by the fact that this high school has a damn light show when it scores a touchdown like it's Alabama. What kind of money is this program rolling in?

Regardless, these announcers rock. I'm glad they got the win and I will certainly be on the lookout for more clips from Christian Brothers' next playoff game this week against Lincoln High School.