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Day 2 of WSOP Main for Crackin’ Aces Crew (Minus Nate)

Day 2 of the WSOP Main Event starts today at 11pm Pacific at the Rio in Las Vegas! 

Three of our four guys from the Crackin’ Aces podcast are still alive and play today (Smitty, Jake Toole & me).

Nate busted late Day 1 on a controversial blow up with 43 of spaces that he is given lots of hell for on the newest episode of Crackin’ Aces here.

Smitty did a great job staying alive with a couple of big lay downs including this top two pair and has 60,000 chips (starting stack).

Jake Toole is going for his 4th straight WSOP Main Event cash and has a healthy stack of 110,000 chips.

I bagged 66,900 chips after a fairly uneventful Day 1 on Friday. I hovered between 57,000 and 85,000 all day. I was proud of myself for only losing 3200 chips with AK when someone had Aces towards the end of the night, 

I have an interesting Day 2 table draw with Nate Silver of Five Thirty Eight game two to my right. Hopefully he is better at predicting elections than playing poker hands. 

Follow WSOP main event coverage on PokerGo, PokerNews or Good luck to the Crackin’ Aces fellows today! Time to run hot!

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