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Last Night’s Ref Show Was Allegedly Part Of A Larger NFL Conspiracy

Last night's game was just really, really weird. The referees were making absurd calls that set off most of the internet. I do not know how any of these calls by the refs can be in any way be justified. On Pardon My Take when stuff starts to get weird at the end of games we call it "Fucked Shit" and it's just when weird events occur in the game. Last night there was a good amount of it: bad calls, weird kicks, and announcers just saying the wrong things. 

This one is pretty weird, the chop block was made in the TE box, and not only would it have been totally legal, but it also did not even connect. This negated a touchdown which would have kept the Bears closer in the game. 

Then Justin Fields got absolutely clocked extremely late-- no call. 

Now we get to the huge taunting penalty that made everyone on twitter's brain break into conspiracy theorists and believe in a cabal that controls the outcomes of NFL games. You had grown men trying to connect the dots on what the hell happened in last night's sequence of events. To start we must check out this awesome kick celly by Cassius Marsh

Cassius was getting pretty hyped, what no one on the broadcast even mentioned was that the Steelers cut Cassius Marsh which would explain why the recent practice squad player was going ballistic.

He was called for taunting after staring at the opposing sideline and all hell broke loose. Making the stop would have sealed the game for the Bears. This call lost them the game.

You had the whole internet accusing the NFL of purposefully rigging the game. Then the hip check came which was extremely sketchy, it was almost like they wanted to make sure they had something to throw the flag on, be it contact with a ref (I don't know what the official penalty would be called), or a justifiable taunting penalty. 

To add there were tons of weird offsides and neutral zone infractions at the end of the game that caused all types of mayhem for Chicago's final drive. People want the referees to be held accountable. Tony Corrente gave suboptimal answers regarding the whole ordeal.

Corrente claims the flag had nothing to do with the hip check, but the whole situation seems very weird. It was almost as if Corrente is claiming he was required to throw at least one taunting and one outside the TE box low block. I almost want to propose that refs not have earpieces, who the hell is telling them what to call and how? I want 0 coordination between refs and anything else happening. Taking away their earpieces would give everyone more trust. The whole thing left everyone upset with the game, Justin Fields’ great play was totally overshadowed by this whole debacle. Cassius Marsh is the biggest victim, a practice squad grinder who got left out to dry for his great play and amazing high kicks. Now instead of being known as a feel-good comeback tale against a team that cut him, is a huge asterisk on officiating in the NFL as a whole.