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John Calipari Went On TV With A Big Brain Idea To Help The Knicks - Play The All-Coach Cal Team

What can't this man do? Genius I tell you, genius. Kevin Knox is buried on the bench. Let's get him with the good players and see what happens. If Coach Cal hasn't given up on Knox yet, I sure as hell won't. Maybe he's right. Maybe he just needs to play with the Coach Cal guys and that's how he ends up good. Just spitballing here. Now I'll say this. The Knicks are going to be fine, just need to stop letting guys like Ricky Rubio score 37 points on them. Not sure how that even happened. Luckily Julius Randle is ready to take blame. 

Exactly what I want to hear from him. Accountability, willing to sacrifice. That's who Randle needs to be. He understands his role and with getting Kemba, Fournier, etc that helps take some pressure off of him offensively. He doesn't need to be in ISO sets all the time and force stuff. He has help, even more so with RJ Barrett coming into his own. 

Back to Cal, I love how he knows what he's doing. This is him recruiting. He knew it would be on Twitter and TV. Hey look at all these guys I have out there! Even throwing in Obi, just because he coaches Jacob Toppin is fucking hilarious. The man never misses an opportunity to recruit. Paying off too with next year's class. 

Don't want, I need the All-Coach Cal team. Let Kenny Payne be interim coach for that game too.