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Jags Fan Gives An All Time Yeah On NFL on Fox

As the great American poet O'shea Jackson once penned, "Today was a good day." The Jags upset the Bills as 14.5-point underdogs at home and now have twice as many wins as they did all last season. I was with Frank at Hard Rock Stadium watching the Texans and Dolphins, which was a terrible game all around, but there must have been a lot of other Jaguars fans there as well because many people started to cheer when they saw the Jags winning. Jacksonville may be a big city, but it's still a small market. We may not have as many fans as other teams, but our fans have as much heart as any team. NFL on Fox visited the Naval Academy in Annapolis and met one such fan.

I do enjoy the excitement and/or curiosity some people show when they meet a Jaguars fan. "We actually have a Jaguars fan here?" as if we are exotic animals. It's always followed up with the simple question of, "Why are you a Jaguars fan?" It's a fair question, but it's okay to assume the person is from Jacksonville. My hope is that one day there are enough Jaguars fans that it's not crazy to meet one in person, but for now I'll gladly take one Duval County full of fans like this guy. YEEEAAAHHH!