"Call of Duty: Vanguard" Is Better Than Expected But Zombies Is A Massive Flop

Biggest question of the weekend - Is Vanguard worth buying?

In the video above, I dive into that question and try to give you my review of the game in under one minute.

Multiplayer blew my expectations away - it's very enjoyable and the time between now thru December 2nd (When the new map drops for Warzone), should be used to rank up as many guns as possible. We're gonna have no clue which is the best gun to use in Warzone, so make sure you're ranking all of them up.

Spawns are pretty bad and maps are 50/50 - some are great and others are terrible. RIP Dana Beers (this is a Dome remake from World at War).

In today's gaming landscape, gamers just want love Battle Royales. I don't see us ever returning to a gaming scene where CoD multiplayer is king like we saw in the MW2/MW3 days.

Zombies mode is a very different experience than previous years. It's not just endless rounds of Zombie survival, it's more challenge based. Sounds fun initially, however, the problem is there's only 3 cycling challenges that repeat each other. Feels very time consuming and doesn't give the same effect of getting to round 50+ with the boys late night.

I usually dabble into campaign mode later in the gaming cycle (around January-ish), but I've heard from trusted sources that the campaign mode is simply not it.